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Oak Roof Trusses are a lovely and stylish design and structural feature. Designed in sympathy with new or existing homes and buildings there is little doubt Oak Roof Trusses and Features add value to your home. Oak is one of the most durable and resilient timbers for building projects. Highly resistant to pests and less flammable than softwoods, oak structures stand the test of time and proof is all around us.


At Apex Oak Frames Ltd we supply Oak Roof Trusses, Oak Frames and Oak Frame Garages & Bespoke hand crafted requests in most hardwoods. We are not just builders but a service that includes designing and structural engineering to assist in bringing your project through the planning procedures where you may need it. Or just send in the drawing of your Oak Truss for a quote.


We are proud that our craftsmen have well over 75 years combined experience and as a wholly owned UK company we hope that we are helping to retain crafts and skills that are fast becoming a rarity.


For an accurate indication of price we suggest you call or drop us a quick email. We can aim to return contacts within the hour. Our Oak Roof Trusses and Oak Frame products are delivered to DIY Builders, Architects and Developers in the UK and throughout Europe.

To achieve a party wall agreement, what needs to be done for me?

Neighbors must be informed, a Party Wall Notice posted, and a Party Wall Agreement established in writing. The notice should be served by a builder or an architect, who should be able to advise you on the issue.

The Party Wall Act offers a structure in which disagreements between owners of neighbouring homes concerning the service of a party wall or the closure of a party wall can be resolved as well as avoided. Party Wall Solutions




Oak Roof Trusses By Apex Oak Frames Ltd


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