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Oak Roof Trusses...

A Timeless Investment in Character

Modern or Traditional Designs

Apex Oak Roof Trusses are constructed from first quality European Oak. The Oak for our Oak Roof Trusses is well seasoned and will provide excellent structural security. Oak Roof Trusses and Oak itself requires no coatings and can remain unfinished for both interior or exterior use.


Well if your here, you're probably in the process of building or renovating your dream home. Whether that is a modern new build or restoring & converting a Barn or Malt House, Oak Trusses can add the wow factor to your visions and designs. But as you're already finding information on Oak Trusses, it's likely you already know that.


Our customers usually just send us their drawings so that we can understand and allow for the method of installation. Large base beams of up to 7meters or more are not a problem and we often have them in stock or are able to source from our suppliers within a week.


It's entirely up to you if you prefer Green Oak or Air Dried Beams for these. Both have very similar load bearing characteristics.


We can deliver most sized trusses ready for installation to your site though delivering them in parts usually makes for easier installation. Assembling our Oak Feature Trusses is extremely simple and all parts and Oak Dowels are provided. As Oak is enormously heavy we recommend that you have a forklift ready on the delivery day. Keep in mind the access that will be needed by the Lorry to your project site.


The picture below is of a truss 5.2 meters long and 2.4 high ready to leave our yard for delivery. We strongly recomment a forklift onsite to unload, to give an indication it would take at least 5-6 very strong people with good backs to move this around.


The client in this case wanted a fairly smooth finish simply oiled with Linseed.  Three of these were constructed and delivered within the week. We understand and are fully aware of deadlines in building and the costs associated with not meeting these. We are committed to delivering within the time that we quote. For more pictures of our recent Oak Roof Trusses, Purlins, Ridge Beams, Plans and Production please click here.


Call us with your ideas and designs for a quote or send us a contact request and we will be back to you within the day.


We don't mind if you call just for some information - we are happy to share any knowledge that might move your construction project in the right direction.

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